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Together, our staff have over 75 years experience in the travel industry so if it’s experience you want, we’ve got it!

Peter Fiske - Partner and Manager

Started working in travel in: 1981 with TrekAmerica in the USA leading adventure tours in the USA and Canada.

Started working at Clayfield Travel: Since we opened in 1990.

Places I have travelled to: North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the South Pacific, over 60 countries in total.

Why do you like working in travel: I have always loved to travel and I started working in travel after earning an M.A. in  Anthropology as a break but I never intended  to have a travel career. It is an exciting and ever changing industry plus it has the added benefit of being able to travel to faraway lands as part of the job, satisfying the anthropologist in me. What could be better!

Experience: Peter got his start in travel in the early 80s as a tour leader for Trek America in the USA and Canada, which is where he met Kerry on a tour to Alaska. Together with Jan and Warwick Clarke they opened Harvey World Travel Clayfield in 1990 and Peter and Kerry continue to work in the business. 

Peter specializes in travel to North and South America, being a native of the USA and having spent five years on the road in North America leading tours, plus he has also been to South America several times. Peter and Kerry visited Africa in 2014 on a safari trip to Tanzania, followed by Zanzibar and Victoria Falls. In 2015 Peter went back to South America and in 2016 he enjoyed a Europe river cruise with Scenic. March 2017 saw Peter on safari in Namibia and in October 2018 he and Kerry explored the amazing country of Jordan together. And most recently, in May 2019, Peter and Kerry did a Mekong River Cruise to Vietnam and Cambodia, then in November they both travelled together to Kenya, one of the crown jewels of Africa. 

Kerry Fiske - Partner and Senior Consultant

Started working at Clayfield Travel: Since we opened in 1990.

Places I have travelled to: North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Pacific Islands, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, over 70 countries in total.

Why do you like working in travel: From an early age other countries throughout the world interested me. I began traveling overseas when I was 17, and the travel bug bit hard and I have been traveling ever since.

Experience: Kerry started travelling overseas in the early 80s to the USA, Mexico, the UK and Europe. After living and working in the UK for a few years, the travel bug bit again and this time she took off to  the Middle East, South Africa and Alaska, where she met her husband Peter. 

Both Kerry and Peter have travelled extensively since those days covering much of Europe, North America, South America, Asia, India, Nepal and Japan. 2014 started with a Caribbean cruise and a visit to Disneyworld in Florida with Peter, then in October Kerry and Peter went to Tanzania, Zanzibar and South Africa. In 2015 she went to the UK and Ireland and in 2016 Kerry  travelled extensively through China then on to Eastern and Western Canada. 2017 saw Kerry and Jessica in South America for five weeks including the Galapagos Islands and 2018 saw Kerry in the Philippines and later travel in Egypt, Dubai and Jordan. 2019 was a busy year for Kerry taking a Mekong River Cruise to Vietnam and Cambodia in May with Peter. She then went to Alaska in June to fulfil a life long dream of hiking the Chilkoot Pass, followed by a safari in Kenya with Peter.

Kerry is a qualified CLIA Cruise consultant. In her spare time she is an award-winning watercolour artist and in 2014 illustrated a children’s book.

Jan Clarke - Partner and Accounts & Warwick Clarke - Partner and Outside Sales

Started working in travel in: Ashgrove in 1985

Started working at Clayfield Travel: Since we opened in 1990

Places I have travelled to: Over 30 countries each

Why do you like working in travel: We love the outlook Confucius had on travelling. He reportedly said "Wherever you go, go with all your heart". We are in the wonderful business of helping people realise their dreams, what could be better than that!

Experience: Jan and Warwick Clarke have been in the travel industry in Australia for 30 years and started the agency with Peter and Kerry in 1990. They are both widely travelled and have a never ending passion for travel. In 2015 they travelled together to Botswana and France and in 2016  they went to Hong Kong and Scotland. South America is on their radar for 2017!

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